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So we tried all of the top mileage tracking apps, and here are our favorites!
There are a number of mileage tracking applications available that allow you to automatically begin logging miles every time you turn on the car, so you wont have to press a start or stop button.
Why cant you use Uber and Lyfts year-end mileage reports?Of course, youll have to distinguish between personal trips and business trips, so be sure to look over the data every few days and take note of your business miles.JFK to, manhattan 40-50 (uberpool) 54-70 (uberX) 82-107 (uberXL) 64-80 (uberX Car Seat) (Uberblack) (SUV).In New York drivers make over 30 an hour.Fossil, advertisement 14 of 46 Hoberman Collection/Getty Images.Latest posts by Harry Campbell ( see all ).However, most rideshare drivers shouldnt rely on these reports because they are very thin and only account for a small fraction of the miles that most rideshare drivers will drive for business purposes.JFK to, times Square 41-52 (uberpool) 48-62 (uberX) 72-94 (uberXL) 58-72 (uberX Car Seat) 95-124 (Uberblack) (SUV).Since you are an independent contractor, Uber does not help you pay for car repairs or car maintenance.The Best Black Friday Travel Deals.Christian Perea calls it his taxes on the toilet time.Here in LA, I make between 19-23 an hour.
Sure, Ive had some weirdos for passengers, but Ive never felt unsafe while driving and if I did, I dont think Id continue to.

Uber driver pay conclusions on How much do Uber drivers make in 2017?I used to be a full-time engineer but now I'm a rideshare blogger!In my experience though, doing this can be tedious since the last thing I want to do after driving for 6-12 hours is even more work.The Uber reports, for example, only provide the mileage driven while actively carrying a passenger in the car. The passenger could have asked a simple question or they could have been a passenger from hell well never know.Does Uber pay for your car repairs?