top 20 most successful american idol contestants

Jasmine Trias (Season 3, placed 3rd) She sometimes got overwhelmed by the restaurants gift cards nyc bigger songs (oh, Its Raining Men and in the harsher light of 2016, her smooth vocals sound a tad dated.
Alas, that was the whole point.
Take her over-the-top version of JTs Cry Me a River, which amped up the songs emotional levels enough to make one wonder if she wasnt working to fill the Atlantic with her salty tears.Giving yourself a OneRepublic song to wow the audience off the bat?His gravelly voice (and Michael Boltonworthy pipes) wowed the judges, though, even if Jimmy Iovine likened his outsized performance of My Life to four minutes of an Adam Sandler movie that goes straight to DVD, his elimination, after throwing himself into Leon Russells ga housing choice voucher program A Song.Barrino, now 31, has released four studio albums, which have made 2 million sales worldwide.If it had ended after Kelly Clarkson was crowned, in September 2002, it could have sat back with a sigh, content that it had fulfilled its mission.Idol performance, as in how folks did on the TV show that helped launch their careers.George Huff (Season 3, placed 5th) The gruff voice and fiery demeanor of season threes last-man-standing lit up tracks like Elton Johns Take Me to the Pilot, but he struggled with some of the more awkwardly fitting theme-weeks, which looked stubbornly back at Lite-FM staples.Clarkson was, and is, charming and bright, a true up-from-below success story made even sweeter by its protagonists effervescent charm and formidable pipes.Mikalah Gordon (Season 4, Placed 11th) This low-voiced Las Vegans potential was torpedoed by song choices that were too big from Billie Holidays heavy God Bless the Child to Taylor Daynes feat of breath control, Love Will Lead You Back.Jena Irene (Season 13, Runner-up) Very similar to Angie, only from Michigan and with a gulpier voice.Think of the contestants near the lists very bottom as the most likely contestants for an All.American Idol finalists; at the end of February, that number will rise to 178.I also didn't include Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, whose.Jacob Lusk (Season 10, placed 5th) One of the most transcendent performances of any recent Idol season was Jacob Lusks slow-build-to-stankface version of Youre All I Need to Get By, which caused Steven Tyler to leap up out of his chair and hug the singer.She was given the boot the next night.
He got boxed in by expectations of originality, and flamed out early.
When she's not in the recording studio, Barrino is acting on the big screen.

What got lost in the shuffle was her elimination-resulting version of New York State of Mind, which was more Gaga than Billy in the Artpop way, not the fun way.But there was something off about his rise to the top, especially when that final showdown came to pass.LaToya London (Season 3, placed 4th) Season three had a logjam of extremely talented R B belters the Three Divas made up 25 percent of the top. .Katharine McPhee, katharine McPhee was the runner up of the fifth season of "American Idol losing to Taylor Hicks.But his first performance in the finals came off as too tentative to inspire voters.Sanjaya, a Stevie Wonder devotee, debuted on the show with a sweet rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Im Yours, but over the coming weeks he would run straight off the rails, debuting a hairstyle dubbed the ponyhawk (note the cameras focus on it at the.But even with the vagaries of genre and style, certain aspects of being a pop star an idol remain intact and heavily informed our rankings, which only focuses on the work these singers offered up during their.I've based this list mostly.