raffle prize disclaimer

Winning, kisco forever 21 coupon code off Run does not provide any guarantee, agreement, representation, warranty, express or implied, in connection with the prize. .
For additional questions, please contact rhhr.
Renewal, grand Prize, price, winning Odds, consolation Prize 10,000z 1:X 50,000z 1:X 70,000z 1:X 100,000z 1:X 100,000z 1:X 225,000z 1:X 250,000z 1:X 1,000,000z 1:X 1,000,000z 1:X.The drawing will take place on Friday, November 3, 2017 at approximately 9:30.m.If more than one name stated on a ticket stub, the first listed name shall be the Entrant.The winner of the raffle will be determined by random drawing.Purchasers of raffle tickets must legibly write their full names, addresses, email, and telephone numbers on each individual ticket stub.Additional tickets may be purchased with cash through rhhr at the Annual.U.F.F.An indefinite amount of raffle tickets will be sold.Winner will assume and be responsible for all airfare, meals, tips, incidentals, preparation, shipping and all other fees, and local, state, and federal taxes, including but not limited to all applicable sales, use, luxury, income, and special taxes associated with winning a raffle.Winner need NOT BE present AT THE drawing. .The current raffle changes when it's won or no one has won after a fixed period of time.Each raffle has different odds and prizes, but there is nearly always be awarded a consolation prize when losing.Ticket entries can be purchased from an rhhr Board Member, rhhr employee/agent or an rhhr Volunteer.
Any prize awarded with respect to the raffle ticket will be awarded to the person named on the raffle ticket form. .

Event until 9:00.m.Mo, 10 emily jo.This quest/feature is only available or customized on iRO. rhhr makes no express or implied warranty as to the Raffle prize.The raffle is governed by the State of Illinois (230 ilcs 15) Raffles Act.Mo, 10 emily jo Ce Vi*.Vacation Raffle Disclaimer/Restrictions, ravens Husky Haven and Rescue (rhhr) 1,000 Gift Certificate to Unique Travel Service travel agency Vacation Raffle to benefit the Siberian Huskies of Ravens Husky Haven and Rescue is conducted by Ravens Husky Haven and Rescue, a non-profit organization under the laws.Once registration closes for the race, no further raffle tickets shall be issued.Rhhr specifically disclaims all expressed or implied warranties, including without limitations warranties of merchantability.ALL reasonable efforts will BE made TO notify THE winner BY phone/mail/email using THE information contained ON THE raffle ticket/registration form.