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Sara feigned to still side with the Legion and went to Damien Darhks office.
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Before anything else could happen, Freydis brought out Mick who tried to steal Beebo and its offering of kroger gift cards booze, and demanded for Mick to be executed on a pyre as a sacrifice to Beebo.
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As Darhk made the deal the Legends confronted him, ending up in a fight with the KGB agents and the.I.V.E.
Even though their eventual bitter collapse seems written into their story from the beginning, I cant help but wish they had managed a longer run.

Surely the doctors life had long had a purpose?The two Canaries briefly worked together on Team Arrow.01/06/17 Do you think Buddy Holly is a little underrated when it comes to his contribution to rock n roll?The Band recorded it for Music from Big Pink.She decided to lead a rescue mission against the Nazi base and they managed to save their friends as well as defeat Kreiger and stop his production of the super serum but Nate was injured.Stargirl told them she had decided to aid King Arthur and his knights of the round table.Damien Darhk also acknowledges that torture would be prove fruitless on her.