lenox rebate 2014

However, Mayor Tim Baldermann cautioned the percentage refunded may be reduced if the state of Illinois cuts funding to the village.
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The average homeowner pays approximately 330 to the village in property tax each year, meaning about 230 will be refunded to residents who qualify, Mayor Tim Baldermann said."There is childcare rebates news no online only tv deals way we are not going to fight Springfield for all the dollars coming to our people he said.New Lenox is once again planning to rebate a portion of the property taxes that homeowners pay to the village.However, the amount on those checks is contingent on the state taking action on its budget issues."It will be a cold day before we pay interest on our own money Baldermann said.In order to receive a refund, residents must complete an application, which is due on or before Dec.Rebate checks will be mailed about March 2016.Except Wednesday when it's open to.m.Baldermann said that if church traffic hampers nearby residents, a police officer will have to direct traffic at the churchs expense.When rebate checks were mailed in February for the 2013 tax paid in 2014, trustees estimated that New Lenox had given back a total.8 million in rebates since 2009.The rebate applies to the 2014 tax that was paid this year.Residents should look for the application in the mail, and return it with a copy of their driver's license either in person at Village Hall or by dropping it in the bill box outside the building.

You must have the original UPC from the product to qualify for the rebate.Forms for the refund will be mailed to residents in November and must be returned to the village no later than Dec.Since the property tax rebate would amount to giving more than 1 million back to the residents, the village board may have to consider a lesser refund if the state cuts the villages funding, Baldermann said.After that date, residents who did not send in the forms will no longer be eligible for a refund.Mail the rebate form along with the original UPC code(s) from the product and the sales receipt or packing slip (mailing instructions are on the left side of the rebate form).Furthermore, a state budget crisis has Illinois holding on to 148 million in tax revenues from gasoline sales, casino gambling and video gaming since July that normally go to local government.In 2010, 40 w hotel gift certificate percent of the property taxes were rebated and last year residents got back 65 percent of what was paid to the village.A 70-percent rebate to property tax payers would be "in excess of 1 million Baldermann said.He emphasized that the rebate applies only to the amount of property tax paid to the village, not the entire tax bill, which is divided among many taxing districts such as school districts, Will County and New Lenox Township.Please refer to the specific rebate form for the last date (post mark date) for submissions.Last year, the village refunded 65 percent of the villages portion of the property tax bills.