how to say please sweep the floor in french

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Now this little tutorial today is going to be all about cleaning tiled or vinyl linoleum-type flooring.V n prep/adv, suddenly, she was swept along by the crowd.Council's strategy for the Bali Conference on Climate Change (COP 13 and COP/MOP 3) (debate).(Panama City, Panama) Well we arrived here yesterday morning after 24 hours on the road, this broke down into two bus rides.15 to sweep the board board sweep up phrasal verb If you sweep up rubbish or dirt, you push it together with a brush and then remove.Related : How to Clean, Shine, and Sanitize your Stainless Steel Sink.That moment changed my life!Translation type: Spanish - EnglishEnglish - Spanish, word to be translated: Translated sentences containing 'mop cristina, please, mop the floor.A flu epidemic is sweeping through Moscow.If you want to have really clean floors in your home, this is the way that the experts say to do it!Youre going to get into a rhythm and this is all going to go much quicker than it sounds, I promise.Its full of all-new cleaning and organizing tips from front to back and its available now wherever you like to buy your books!V n, she was in the kitchen sweeping crumbs into a dust pan.

V-ing, sweep is also a noun., n-count.The Resulting Clean Floors!Estrategia del Consejo para la Conferencia de Bali sobre el Cambio Climático (COP 13 y COP/MOP 3) (debate).Still, money is needed regardless of the source, and we need to more or less mop up resources to do what needs to be done in Afghanistan.Its new and I love.Normally youd wring your mop out now and get to work, right?Thanks for the feedback!English Word: mop (for floor spanish Word: la fregona, la limpiadora, now you know how to say mop in Spanish.Next, go back to your sink or your bucket and wring all that excess water out of your mop.Usu sing Two of the soldiers swiftly began making a sweep of the premises.Barrer o pasar mopa, estropajo húmedo al piso.