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But the latest Honda Civic had tarnished that reputation.
This is noticable by the slideshow startup of the entertainment system, and probably the reason why the audio sounds distorted, scratchy and appear to skip if you press "Next Song".The new instrument cluster is great, love the techy look (animations when starting up, great color choices ).As I've stated, the infotainment system is very bad.This will persist indefinitely until the battery is disconnected.Originally Reviewed on March 03, 2016The entertainment software and hardware is absolutely horrible.2a) USB, Bluetooth and Apple Carplay will fail to continue playing the song previously playing when starting the vehicle.4) USB, Bluetooth music audio will sound distorted, scratchy and appear to skip if you press "Next Song".
Based on a screenshot posted.

When starting the vehicle, the ipod will NOT resume playing the current song.Any time I change a song on my ipod/ iphone /pandor, the music is scratchy and distorted and take a moment to clean.6) Can not type space as a vaild character for the Wifi Password.You must press play and skip song.If hassle free music playing is something required, consider other car brands.I absolutely love the new front end design.For the top-range variant, it produces a total of 174 hp at 5,500 rpm and 219 Nm of torque from 1,800 to 5,000 rpm.2b) Required steps for resuming playback after shutting off and turning the vehicle back on are: Navigate.The infotainment system was designed to be easily replaced.The software is in dire need of fixing.It takes several seconds for the system to either catch up or buffer the song.
Top-of-the-range Civic model however, will receive a smaller but more powerful.5 litre dohc direct-injection turbo engine, which is currently only available with an automatic CVT transmission.
Show how underpowered the entertainment system.