airsoft giveaway 2017

Since I am treating this like my own rifle I want to make it cool so I have installed the free prize inside pdf speed Airsoft straight trigger.
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If youre an Airsoft fan, you cant go wrong with this package since it not only includes the gun but BBs and two magazines!
We practice the same concept in our Knights SR16 with a short barrel and a full cylinder to send those BBs flying for days as most people report and enjoy.Over the course of a few weeks while he gets to the goal of 10,000 Instagram fans he will be building the rifle on the inside too.To win this custom rifle well worth over 500 you just need sleepypod discount code to follow.The Steel bearing spring guide that is stock in most of our rifles is a great part and no need to swap it out with an aftermarket unit which would be the same but only a different color.All our giveaways are free and easy to enter, just click your mouse a few times and you're done!Today I went through the warehouse and started picking parts I want to put into the MTC3 to make it a great rifle I would want to use myself.I have several of these in my other builds that have lasted years with heavy use.

Disclaimer : All airsoft guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.Stay turned to my Instagram, brian_at_echo1 for more updates on the parts and things Im doing for the build.Modify 8mm Steel Bearings, speed Airosft G36 Trigger, modify V7 Anti Reversal Latch.If you like the idea of getting free airsoft gear for very little effort then you're in the right place.The latest contest or giveaway is being held by Brian of Echo1USA for a custom built MTC3.Make sure you tell your friends as well.Brian_at_echo1 on Instagram and might as well Like his.
This setup will give me a higher ROF while being durable and when combined with the torque motor and lipo the trigger response will be really good.
I will keep the the parts that are good and no need to spend more money replacing the parts just because.